Activities in Santorini: Yoga classes with Veronica

Santorini is an island that has plenty of options on things to do while you are staying here like cruises,wine tours, jet ski safaris or… yoga classes! Yoga with Veronica as your teacher is ideal for those who would love to practice next to the beach or even at the terrace of their hotel.

A few things to know better Veronica! She stays in Santorini and with her husband they manage a beautiful property called Caveland. This is where she usually teaches her classes. She is a member of International Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists and she has a diploma in perinatal yoga (pre and post natal yoga), baby yoga and toddler yoga. She is inspired by hatha yoga and flow which combine active assanas as well as breathing and centering exercises.


Yoga classes are the perfect option for those who wish to try something different, something that will make you feel even more relaxed in Santorini. It is the perfect way for starting or ending your day on the island.She has both morning and afternoon classes and upon request you can arrange your own schedule.

You can find more details about her schedule at her site or contact her at