Hope-ing Around: Roka Restaurant in Oia


Whenever I visit Oia, my joy is always the same as it is such a wonderful and picturesque village! I was invited to Roka Restaurant, which although hidden in the narrow streets, you feel like playing a game to find it, with painted signs on the walls until you reach their lovely place.

Mrs. Gogo welcomed us, smiling, and immediately you have the feeling that she is hosting you in her home. You can choose whether to sit in their beautiful full of plants yard, or in the balcony overlooking the sea. They also have a special corner made for children! For the cold winter nights there is an interior space, very cozy.


A welcome tsipouro was enough to understand that these people have a great taste of what they do. Look how they served it to us! 

I wanted to know the story of Roka and who is behind this result.

Sofia Sigala, George Raptopoulos, Georgia Sarvali and Giorgos Ragoussis, with great experience in the field of restaurants all these years, having a common dream to open a place that will make you feel like home, combined with excellent food . This is how our journey to Roka began.

We had to start with a.. Fresh roka salad! Mixed with manouri cheese, caramelized walnuts, caramelized figs and grape vinaigrette. Then we had an appetizer with layers of roasted eggplant and in between  mastelo cheese from Chios island with tomato and sour cream sauce. Ingredients perfectly combined and so delicious! We decided to try another appetizer because we were jealous of the next tables. Chicken apaki with chickpeas and tahini sauce .. Excellent taste and very nice idea!

For our main dishes we did not know what to pick from the menu, so with the help of our waiter Nikos, we ended up with the lamb and fresh greek pasta called “skioufichta”. The lamp was cooked for many hours and it was so soft that every bite was melting in the mouth. The skioufichta pasta had sun-dried tomatoes, olives and basil. Strong Greek flavor with beautiful mixing of ingredients! 

For dessert we wanted something light because it was still lunchtime and we had a long day ahead of us. Nikos offered us lemon mousse, refreshing and summer!


Our experience in Roka filled us with so many nice pictures and flavors, just what we needed for the start of the summer season.


Whenever you decide to go for a walk in Oia, search for Roka, you will not regret it believe me!

Τ: 2286071896 | roka.gr

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