What changes on 14 May for now partly-quarantined Greece

The new measures of relaxation of the lockdown that will enter into force from Friday 14/5 were announced during today’s briefing by the Ministry of Health, the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister, responsible for coordinating the government work, Akis Skertsos.

Specifically, from May 14, with the opening of tourism, the following will apply:

  • SMS to 13033 and 13032 are no longer required
  • Traffic ban from 23:00 changes to 00:30
  • Museums are opening
  • Restrictions on interregional travel are lifted
  • Internal movements to the islands (except Lefkada, Evia and Salamina) will be made with:
    – Vaccination certificate (expiration of 14 days from the 2nd dose)
    – PCR Test 72 hours or Rapid test 24 hours or Self test 24 hours
    – Certificate of illness (2 months after illness and up to 9 months)
    The control of the above will be carried out by the airlines and the shipping companies, and all domestic and foreign travelers over 5 years will be obliged.

Also in May the restaurant will continue to operate without music.

Why is Greece opening up with more daily cases than last year?

Answering the question why this year we open with the cases so high, Mr. Skertsos explained that:

a) last year we did not have vaccines that we have this year
b) last year there were 800 tests per day at the beginning of the pandemic while this year there are more than 80,000 and millions are performed at the same time self tests on a weekly basis
c) last year the population’s immunity was almost zero while this year it is increasing exponentially and
d) last year the national health system was weaker, while this year 100 simple beds and ICUs have been added.

“Thanks to all these factors, we can safely say that we leave the lockdowns behind us and open them safely”, concluded Mr. Skertsos.

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