Activities – Fishing Tour

Traditional Fishing Boat - Kaiki

The tours run from April to October. The prices displayed are for the year 2016.

The traditional way of fishing!

For generations, locals have harvested the sea to provide a living or their families, before the rapid tourist development of the island. Experience a day like local fisherman with a traditional boat, enjoying the experience of genuine trolling or the fishing rod, but also the pleasure of the seabed’s hidden magic world. The adventure is accompanied with diving to allow you to discover the real mystery and beauty of the Aegean Sea grandeur!

The tours run daily from 10:30-15:30 and 15:30-20:30.

Oia_stairs_sea•  Duration: 5 hours
•  Transfer from/to Hotel
•  Fishing tour: with traditional boat
•  Traditional sea food and drinks (and the fish you will catch!)
• Complete fishing equipment
•  Snorkelling gear
• Towels

Tour Price: 100 euros per passenger