Santorini Wine

Grape varieties and wine of Santorini
© Konstantina Sidiropoulou

The cultivation of the vine in Santorini goes back 3.500 years ago. Findings from the excavations of the prehistoric town of Akrotiri show that vine cultivation, wine making and wine trade were the habitants’ important activities.

Vine is an easily adaptable and particularly tenacious plant. It is among the very few plants that managed to survive for centuries in the inhospitable environment of Santorini. It possesses a rich and strong system of roots that penetrate the solid soil of the volcanic ash.

The Santorini wine reflects the pure character of the variety, the micro-climate and the volcanic soil. High acidity, intense minerality and citrus flavours upfront are the key elements creating the complex character of Assyrtiko, highlighting the Santorinian earth in perfect harmony.

The main local grape varieties (Assyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri, Mavrotragano, Mantilaria) produce high-quality wines that fully express Santorini’s unique ecosystem.

The famous wine of Santorini is Assyrtiko, which dominates the vineyards on the island. The over century-old vines of Santorini find their best expression in the Assyrtiko grape by giving world-class wines.

Grape harvest or vedema or trygos

The vineyards of Santorini

By Angeliki Georgantopoulou

The cultivation of vine in Santorini goes back 3.500 years ago. Findings from the excavations of the prehistoric town of Akrotiri show… Read the full article

Visit the wineries of Santorini – Wine tasting

Today, there are twenty one (21) operating wineries in Santorini. Apart from the wine making process that takes place in their facilities, most of the local wineries offer to visitors a wine tasting experience. We definitely encourage our visitors to enjoy a wine tasting experience and discover the wineries of Santorini.

Choose and locate a winery (or even more than one) that you would like to visit, find out the open hours of its facilities, drive there or arrange a transfer with the reception of your hotel. If you wish to leave it on a specialist, you could simply select one of the private or semi private wine tours available here.

Right below, you will find a list of the Santorini wineries, organized in alphabetic order. Our E-shop offers a full list of all the Santorini wines and we ship worldwide or to your holiday hotel/villa in Santorini. To do so, follow the link right next to a winery’s name or click here.