Shopping Santorini

A wonderland of shopping opportunities

Even if you are not a keen consumer, the window shopping of Santorini will definitely catch your attention.

Fira, the island’s capital, is the central market of the island, with its crowded alleys being full of shops that satisfy even the most fastidious tastes. There, you will find the “gold” street, or, as the real name is, Ypapantis street, that is considered one of the biggest gold markets in Greece. In the shops of the gold street, you will find the latest design jewellery collections of famous Greek and foreign houses, and you will come up with ideas for presents both for yourself and for your beloved ones. You will also find many shops with handmade jewellery made of silver and other precious materials, in definitely more budget prices.

In every shopping street of the island’s capital, the latest trends of international fashion as far as clothes, shoes, and accessories are concerned, coming from great fashion houses are offered. In the center of Fira, there is also a big cosmetics store offering a wide variety of perfumes and creams.

The market of Oia is equally important. In the picturesque little shops of the village, you may also find clothing from a variety of labels, styles, and designers, souvenirs and objects and works of art coming from different cultures.

In Kamari, you will find clothing, accessories, gifts, and souvenirs of all kinds. Souvenirs, which will remind you of your holiday, can be found in shops all over the island.

The artistic aspect of the island can be found in Fira as well as the rest of the island, where there are plenty of stores and galleries that house work of art by wonderful artists.

Do you prefer shopping online?

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