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Santorini has much more to offer to its visitors than the ordinary tourist attractions. Through experiential tourism programs, the discerning traveler can explore and discover a world of authentic and enriching experiences indigenous to this local geology, history, gastronomy, and culture and get lifetime memories.

In the following pages, we have collected for you ideas and choices, tours and activities, of some of the things you absolutely need to do while you are enjoying your holidays in Santorini.

Did you know that…?

– Santorini wine is very famous and unique?
– Local agricultural products grow without water?
– Our archaeological sites are dated as far back as the 17th century BC?
– Sunset looks completely different when you see it from the sea and from 350 meters above?
– The local trails still exist and they offer amazing views of the caldera and the volcanic landscape?
– Our beaches are black because the sand is made of lava?

The tours and activities you will find bellow are of companies we have worked with and trust. We have brought together both famous and infamous, new and old, all with one common goal: to make the tourists fall in love with the island! For these reasons we have decided to give full access to company names and contact details, to make you feel confident that you are making the right choice. We would suggest booking your choices before your arrival on the island, as the demand is high and the experiences unforgettable!

What are you looking for?

Tour and Activity Options – What to choose

If you combine the sun and sky of Greece, with the uniqueness of Santorini island, you have a heaven in your hands. Which part of it would you like to explore? For us, Santorini is a destination of unlimited things to do, and the choices are hard when you have only a limited time available. We have put together a list of tours and activities that can fit all tastes. Below, we give a short description of each, to help in choosing the best for your vacation.

  • Cruises: Choices varying from speed boats to catamarans and sailboats to small engine boats. Whether you are an explorer or a luxury traveller, the options are plenty. Drive a boat on your own, or visit inaccessible corners with a cocktail in your hand. See the white beach from a catamaran and sail past Aspronisi (white island) with the engines turned off. Have a BBQ meal on board, snorkel, and swim, see the island from a different point of view. All catamaran, sailing boat and rent a boat options are available here.
  • Walking Tours: Sure, you can walk along a path on your own, who needs a guide for that, right? Wrong! Not all trails have excellent signage but the most important thing is that the walking tours are also designed to give you an experience, not just have someone show you the way. A local will guide you through the history and the present of the trail, show you hidden corners and deviations. Some tours offer wine tasting, visits to local ladies that will cook with you. Choices varying from easy to hard with only small groups of people following. Pick up and drop off to your hotel is also a big plus of these tours as the trails are long so your start and finish points are not the same and a car or scooter cannot be a solution to your transportation. The walking trail tour options are available here.
  • Guided Tours: Santorini is one of the most important destinations of Greece on archaeology, wine, food, and geology. Driving around a new destination to experience all these different things can be a headache for someone who is on vacation to get some rest. The guided tours are done with a bus, with an experienced guide always accompanying your group to talk about the history, the geography and the geology of the island. You will get to visit places like Akrotiri, an ancient city a thousand years older than the Akropolis and make the most out of the experience! In our tours, you will find options with and without lunch included. Start exploring Santorini through the eyes of a guide here.
  • Photography Tours: Whether you are a fan of photography, an amateur or a professional, whether you walk around with a high end or a mobile phone camera, the photo tours offer something unique to you. A photographer will show you how and what to photograph, or will photograph you with their camera. They will take you to secret corners of the island and be your guide to another Santorini, a Santorini that has not been photographed by everyone. A destination that even though is so popular, still has unbeaten territories, waiting to be discovered by the few that want to see beyond the famous Oia sunset. Discover photography in the most photogenic island of the world here.
  • Wine Tours: Santorini has become very famous for its wines. Award after award received by local producers, bringing Assysrtico grape variety to the top of wine lovers watch list. On an anhydrous terrain, with grapes surviving with the help of the humidity of the soil, and vines growing in a circle close to the ground so that the wind doesn’t brake them, Santorini wine has managed to thrive. The different wine tour options offer you the chance to try wines from various producers, in diverse wineries and learn about the uniqueness of the volcanic vineyards. The Santorini wine tour options are available here.
  • Sea Kayak: Paddle your way along the coastline of the island, visit the red and white beaches, the Indian rock and have a picnic in a cove. Experience the volcanic beauty of the island while exercising at sea level. With morning and sunset tours, long trips and smaller ones, there are options for everyone! Transfers are included but don’t forget to bring with you sunscreen, hat and a dry set of clothes. Choose your Sea Kayak trip here.
  • Jet Ski Safari: Speed your way through the waves and visit the most popular seaside of Santorini. Starting at Perivolos beach, swim at the Red or White beach, jumping off the jet ski anytime you like. If you are up to an adventure, take the time to drive your jet ski all the way around the south coast to the volcanic islands. Find out more about the Jet Ski Safaris here.
  • Stand Up Paddling: With an introductory course included if you are a beginner and accompanied by an experienced guide, you will try to paddle standing on your board. Discover the very interesting volcanic coastline of Santorini add a lot of fun and swimming and snorkeling and you have a perfect day at the sea. Transfers are included from/to your hotel, but don’t forget to bring with you sunscreen hat and a bottle of water! Choose your SUP tour here.
  • Culinary Journey: Walk among old vineyards, admire the unique views of the Aegean, take a cooking class with a local lady and enjoy your homemade meal. Swimming and snorkel before finishing your day. With morning and afternoon tour options, you will be picked up and dropped off to your hotel and enjoy a day as Greek as it can get! Choose your culinary journey here.
  • Diving: Dive in the depths of Aegean sea, close to the caldera cliffs, discover the lost Atlantis and lose your sense of time while you are swimming along with the fish next to volcanic rocks. An experience for everyone who enjoys the water, exploring and nature. There are tours for all levels – from beginners to certified divers – and classes to get certified in just a few days. You can find the available beach and caldera diving options here.


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