Guided Tours Around Santorini

Enjoy the main land of Santorini, following a tour guide who will take you to the most important spots to see while you are in Santorini island.

Whether you have a limited time to visit all these places, you prefer not to rent a car or scooter, or go around with the hard-to-find-and-not-so-affordable taxis, a guided tour is just for you! There is a big range of prices and you will get to visit corners like the Red beach, a black beach, traditional settlements and up on Profitis Ilias mountain for a 360 degree view of the island. Visit the excavations of Akrotiri with professional English speaking guides, walk in traditional settlements, watch the sunset from the famous Oia village and discover the islands wineries trying along the way many different wines, where one will be better than the other. Browse through the different options and choose the best one for your mood.

If you choose to do a bus tour, bare in mind that the buses can only accept a limited number of passengers, allowing them to offer more personalised service and you to feel comfortable.

If a private driver or guide is for you, it is crucial to book in advance! Our suggestion on this are very limited and we have hand-picked only the best of the best!

As the island gets busier availability is limited, so we suggest booking in advance, especially if you are only staying for a few days in Santorini.