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The diving tours run every day from April to October. The prices displayed are for 2018.

Why diving in Santorini is a good idea

The Volcano has created some magnificent underwater scenery, so we have a lot of wall dives and never ending drop-offs. At the dives sites around the New& Old Volcano, you can see all the lava formations and find marine life such as lobsters, moray eels, clams and spirographs hiding among the rocks.

At the dives sites around the edge of Caldera and below the cliffs, there are many colourful sponges, nudibranchs, barracuda and many schools of fish.

Immediately offshore the dive station there is beautiful reef that begins in shallow water and extends into the volcanic caldera. We protect this reef, we don’t let people fishing around and looks like a mini marine park.

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Non-Certified Divers

The Discover Scuba Program starts from our dive station on the beach, where one of our qualified instructors will teach you basic scuba principles, the important underwater hand signals and how to use the equipment. This briefing takes about 20 minutes, and then you would get into wet-suits and equipment, and walk into the water right off the beach. You would stop in shallow water (about waist deep) and bend down to take your first breaths underwater! Once you’re comfortable with breathing using the scuba equipment you would go with the instructor underwater for a guided dive to the nearby reef and you will have the chance to hand feed the fish. You would be underwater around 35-40 minutes in total. Total duration 2 hours. In order to arrange your holidays you must know that after one dive is not recommended to take a plane for 12h. The trips are done twice a day, at 10:30 and at 13:30.

The snorkelers go out with the certified divers. Which exact sites we go to depend on the weather etc, but we generally do one at the volcano island and one at the cliffs of the caldera where there’s impressively formed rock formations. Basic swimming requirements. Not guide or instruction is included.

  • Discover Scuba – 1 Dive 70 Euro per person

  • Snorkeling 30 Euro per person


Certified Divers

Two dives a day (from 10:30 till 14:30), one in walls around the Volcanoes, using our spacious speed boat, and one at cliffs of the Caldera. In between the dives we take a break. The divers can enjoy a traditional meal and relax on the beach. It makes a day out diving great! All the guides of Santorini Dive Center are guided by qualified instructors.

  • 1 Tank Dive


1 Dive 60 Euro per person


  • 2 Tank Dives

Get on board and explore two different dive sites of amazing underwater Santorini. The price includes water and a small snack between the two dives.

book-now2 Dives 90 Euro per person


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How to find us

Pick up is included in the rates from almost all villages of the island. Please do contact us for more information.

The Santorini Dive Center is located at the Caldera Beach in Akrotiri, under the traditional tavern Remezzo. There is also a main office located in Perissa.

If you have your own car, there is parking space available.



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