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Twenty wineries are currently operating on the island, each one with different architecture and style. Even though the grape varieties are only a few, the winemakers are making sure their individual wines are distinct.

Having been picked out among the most famous wines of the world, Santorini is proud to hold numerous awards for its wines. Assyrtico and Aidani, Mavrotragano and Mandilaria are varieties that will stay with you even when you leave Santorini and taste other wines of the world. The distinction and international recognition make a winery and wine tasting tour very different than what you are used to, and one of the top things one should do on the island. Explore, discover and experience the terroir-driven wines of the island and learn about the wine history, native grapes, wine-making methods, basket-trained vines of one of the oldest vineyards of the planet, the gastronomy, and the local products of this wondrous place.

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