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If you exit Fira town by following its main street toward the south-east direction, you will reach the village of Karterados at a distance of 2 Km. Park your car and get ready for a short tour of the traditional village starting from the “steps of Galaios”, as the locals call them, which are on your left as the road bends. You will be surprised by what you will encounter. Traditional houses are excavated in the volcanic ash and rock, old mansions, and picturesque cobbled streets that you can hardly make out from the main road as they have been constructed along the dry creek streambed (gulch). It’s worth visiting the church of Jesus’s Ascension during its festival that takes place forty days after Easter.

If you are on the island on August 15th, join the Festival of the church Panagia Kokkini (Saint Mary of the Red), which was given this name because it is said to have been built with red wine instead of water.