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My Santorini “Single Vineyard” Wines

You may have noticed the reference ‘Single Vineyard’ on the label of that fantastic Santorini wine you were enjoying with the best company but…did you know what this was about? The term “Single Vineyard” comes along with the name of the Vineyard where the grapes came from and refers to wines that were made from […]

10 things to do in Santorini while social distancing

My Santorini. Our Santorini. The Greek island that has been so loved by travellers all over the world is a very different island this summer. For us, and for those who first visited Santorini decades ago, this year is magical. Sure, there are problems and worries and uncertainty. But there is also time and space […]

Prime Minister of Greece announces the reopening of Greek Tourism from Santorini

The Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, held a press conference yesterday (13 June 2020) officially announcing the reopening of Greek tourism from the island of Santorini. Mr. K. Mitsotakis talked about the methods the government followed to battle the coronavirus pandemic, his hopes for the present, the summer of 2020, and also the […]

Covid19 – Santorini: How will hotels operate during a pandemic?

With Greek tourism market opening its doors on the 15th of June, the tourist sector has started preparations to finally open for the summer season 2020. With a full list of new directions for health and safety protocols announced, there are still a lot of questions regarding the way businesses will operate safely. Of all […]

Santorini Experience: Gold award at the 2020 Tourism Awards

Santorini Experience, the event which praises the volcanic island of Cyclades for its sports, culture, unique architecture and history, conquered for the first time a top position at the 2020 Tourism Awards. Specifically, the successful sports tourism event won the Gold Award in the category of Sea Tourism for implementing its innovative initiatives. In the […]

Covid19 – Greece: When will tourists be able to fly to Greece?

The Prime Minister of Greece, Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis, spoke today live on national TV announcing how Greece is going to continue with the tackling of the pandemic. So far, Greece has responded very well to the pandemic, counting less than 10 new cases per day this week. These good results have given Greece as a […]

Covid19 – Greece: Can I go on holidays to Santorini this year?

When will people be allowed to travel again? Will it be safe to travel when the borders and flights reopen? What will vacations look like this summer? Why would you travel to Santorini in 2020? There have been a lot of questions and insecurity around travel plans since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thousands […]

Covid-19, Santorini: Empty April (in pictures)


The coronavirus pandemic has, undoubtedly, affected the whole world. We have seen pictures of huge world capitals going empty, streets with no cars and underground stations with no people. In Santorini, where the summer season officially starts in the beginning of April, the locals can’t grasp how empty the island still is. The past years, […]

Covid-19, Greece: Cancelled Travel Plans – what you should expect

Read also: Covid19 – Greece: Can I go on vacation to Santorini this year? The Government Gazette* published the new regulations regarding cancellations in the tourism industry due to COVID-19. This regulation, allows hotels, travel agencies, airlines and ferry companies to offer a voucher for 18 months, instead of a cash refund on their deposit, […]