Cruises / Sea Tours

Enjoy the coast of Santorini, the rim of the caldera and the volcano aboard one of the catamarans, sailing boats or traditional schooners. Semi-private and private excursions will avoid the crowd, but this is not your only choice! If spending half-a-day in the sea, lying under the sun, swimming in volcanic waters, and snorkeling in the Aegean sea is your thing, browse our pages, we guarantee you will find just your type of sea tour. The excursion prices range from 95 to 165 euros per person.

The boats can only accept a limited amount of passengers, allowing them to offer more personalised service and you to feel comfortable. As the weather gets warmer availability is limited, so we suggest booking in advance, especially if you are only staying for a few days in Santorini.

If you are interested in a private excursion, please contact us directly requesting a date and type of cruise and we will find the best suited excursion for you!

Why go on a Cruise or Sea Tour in Santorini

A beautiful way to experience the Caldera of Santorini island, Greece.

  • See Santorini from the sea

Santorini has a unique culture and nature, magnificent deep blue waters and endless rock formations. The island’s geology, the dry climate and continuous sunshine, create year around conditions that give to the visitor the exceptional advantage of experiencing how the different volcanic explosions have formed the cliff-side of Santorini throughout thousands of years.

Reaching the interior of the volcano by boat will allow you to observe and take photographs and videos under an extraordinary variety of natural lights and colours while at the same time enjoying a day at the sea.  Towns and settlements are spread out all over the rim of the Caldera, located up to 350 meters above sea level, offering a spectacular view to enjoy from the sea.

  • Sailing is a journey itself

Depending on which company you choose to travel with, a cruise provides the chance to see a lot of different places in the coast of Santorini, that cannot be reached otherwise.

This means of transportation is definitely not about getting around as quickly as possible; sailing is a relaxing way to enjoy your day at the sea, where the excursion is an experience in itself.

  • Eat well and meet other travelers

Cruise ships usually schedule their calls at port for the morning or afternoon. This enables you to eat lunch or have your evening meal onboard the ship in the company of your fellow travelers.

The surroundings are spectacular and the meals full, but what you experience at sea varies from day to day making your trip a day to remember!