A Farewell to Santorini from the Resilient Lady: “I ♥ Santorini”

The summer cruise program of the Resilient Lady this year featured seventeen visits to Santorini. Since its debut in early May, the newly constructed ship from Virgin Voyages made weekly stops on the island, every Monday, as part of its 7-day cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Yesterday, on October 23rd, it made its final approach to Santorini for this season, as it relocates to Australia for the upcoming summer months in the Southern Hemisphere.

For its last departure from Santorini, the ship bid farewell to the island in a unique way, illuminating itself to express its love for this stunning destination. The result was captured in the photos shared on Facebook by the Santorini Port Authority.

Starting in late April 2024 when it returns to the waters of the Mediterranean, Santorini will once again be a frequent destination for the Resilient Lady.

This impressive vessel boasts a length of 278 meters,  and a width of 38 meters, and can accommodate approximately 2,700 passengers along with a crew of around 1,400 to 1,150 people. Its maximum speed reaches 22 knots.

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