The Fully Renovated Maritime Museum of Santorini Inaugurated

After months of extensive renovation work, sponsored by M/MARITIME, the Maritime Museum of Santorini is reopening to the public, ready to present the history of Santorini’s maritime heritage and the seafaring traditions of its inhabitants with a fresh perspective.

The Maritime Museum of Santorini is located in a beautiful captain’s house in Oia and is open year-round. It features permanent collections, exhibits from the island’s merchant ships, personal items belonging to officers and crew members, a valuable library, and the iconic periscope from a submarine built in 1942, which is fully functional.

Maritime Museum of Santorini | Milestones

1951: Establishment of the Maritime Museum of Santorini

1956: The great earthquake devastates the museum

1988: Dina Manolesou Birbili donated her partially damaged family home to house the museum

1992: Brothers Nikolaos and Dimitris Nomikos funded the restoration of the building, ensuring the museum’s reopening.

2023: After 30 years of operation, the museum has been renovated and modernized with sponsorship from M/MARITIME.

The inauguration of the fully renovated Maritime Museum of Santorini took place on Saturday, October 21st, thanks to the initiative of its President, Ms. Nicoletta Nomikou, and the continuous effort of her and her team. During the inauguration, the president of the Maritime Museum of Santorini stated, “Today, with deep emotion, we deliver the Maritime Museum of Santorini to the public, following the vision of our parents, with the generous support of M/MARITIME and Mr. Giannis Mytilinaios personally. Without his support, this comprehensive renovation would not have become a reality. For me, the renovation process was a challenging journey, a tremendous experience with a positive outcome in my eyes. I sincerely thank the teams that worked tirelessly to successfully achieve this goal.”

Maritime Museum of Santorini | Oia | Phone: 2286071156
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM | Admission: 5 euros

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