“Above and Below Sea Level” exhibition, at Sealed Earth Gallery

Discover the captivating group exhibition “Above and Below Sea Level” featuring the extraordinary talent of Nikos Athanasopoulos, Analis Vega, and Yiannis Vogdanis. Hosted by the innovative Sealed Earth Gallery, this must-see event runs from July 8 to 26 in the stunning location of Imerovigli.

Prepare to be transported into a world of wonder as the exhibition seamlessly melds cutting-edge 3D printing with the ancient art of pottery. Experience the magic of a truly unique collection that sparks the imagination and leaves you in awe.

Photographic art adds an extra dimension to the exhibition, capturing the island’s vibrant colors and geological formations from a perspective like no other. The expert fusion of photography and ceramics creates a delicate harmony between nature and human creation, uniting all the works in a single, awe-inspiring ecosystem.

Curated by the esteemed Loukia Thomopoulou, this exhibition promises an unforgettable journey. Don’t miss out!

The artists
Nikos Athanasopoulos (Niklas) is a multidisciplinary product designer who deals with the 3D printing of ceramics. His works alternate between pure geometric and free organic volumes. The shapes of his ceramics are created either in computer code or in a digital virtual environment (Virtual Reality). His works have been presented in exhibitions such as Salone del Mobile Milano, Art Athina, and Onassis Cultural Center.

Anali Vegga, a graduate of the Leica Photographic Academy in Athens, in her artistic debut, introduces a new perspective to the exhibition, highlighting the natural formations of Santorini with a unique and exciting method. Focusing on the rocks and caves of the captivating caldera, he explores and discovers unique color formations.

Yiannis Vogdanis is a versatile artist based in Athens. His artistic career began in Rome, after graduating from the “Academia di Belle Art Di Roma” school. His artistic interest lies in the intersection of usability, design, and physics. Yannis’ passion for researching and perfecting his craft has taken him to places like San Francisco, Berlin, and Barcelona, working for universities and hi-tech startups. In Barcelona, he obtained MScs in Interactive Algorithmic Design from UPC. More recently, he has focused his research on the boundaries of digital fabrication and creative programming, gaining recognition for the creation of the Binary Ceramics platform.

The Sealed Earth Gallery is a space dedicated to the promotion of Greek and international Contemporary Art and especially to the promotion of contemporary ceramics. The gallery aims to create a bridge between decoration, craft, and fine arts. With a constant focus on promoting ceramics, its exhibition program oscillates between artists using ceramics as a medium of expression and ceramists exploring contemporary art forms.

Exhibition opening: Saturday 8/7, 19:00
Exhibition duration: July 8-26, hours 10:30-14:30 and 18:30-22:00.

Sealed Earth Gallery | Vatou Street, Malteza, Imerovigli | tel. +306975811500

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