Free entrance to museums and archaeological sites on Sunday October 28th, throughout Greece

Entrance to archaeological sites, monuments and museums throughout Greece will be free on Sunday, October 28th, due to the national holiday. Also, throughout the winter season, starting from November 1st and ending March 31, entry to archaeological sites, monuments and museums will be made at a reduced price for all visitors, while the first Sunday of […]

New Board of Directors for the Institute for the Study and Monitoring of the Santorini Volcano (I.S.M.O.SA.V.) – The “guard” of the Santorini Volcano

After the General Assembly and the elections that took place on the 20th of October 2018, ISMOSAV announced its new Board of Directors for the period 2018 – 2021, that is formed as follows: George Vougioukalakis – President | Volcanologist, IGME – Greek Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration Anastasios – Nikolas Zorzos – Vice […]

Cruise the Caldera in the winter season 2018-19

The winter season in Santorini is providing more and more options for off-season tourists. Activities like hiking, visiting archaeological sites and wineries are always there, but who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the many sunny days of the Greek winter. With much lower rates, the visitors or Santorini that have decided to enjoy an […]

The 13th collective art exhibition “Wine and Vineyard”, in Oia

“Wine and Vineyard” is the theme of this year’s collective art exhibition, that will be presented by 25 artists working in Santorini, at the “Panigirospito” exhibition hall, in Oia. The selection of the theme was made to highlight the specificity, beauty and historical value of the Santorini’s vineyard through an artistic approach and view. The […]

The festival of St. Matrona on Friday at Finikia

On October 20, the Church celebrates the memory of St. Matrona of Chios (also called “Saint Matrona Chiopolitida”). On the eve of the feast, on October 19, after the vesper at the church of Saint Matrona Chiopolitida in Finikia, Oia, one of the most beautiful traditional festivals of Santorini takes place. The old kanaves (the undergroud wineries […]

New finds at the Akrotiri excavations on Santorini

New important finds have come to light during the on going excavations at the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri on Santorini, according to the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports. In the interior of an important building, probably a public one, known by the conventional name “House of Desks”, near the spot where the exquisite golden […]

Kaspersky Lab supports the Akrotiri Excavations

Kaspersky Lab has been offering, since 2015, significant support to the excavation taking place at Akrotiri in Santorini. The Lab finances among others: – the study of fixing the buildings that have already come to light – the additional excavation in the archaeological site – the restoration of one of the frescoes already found in […]

A motorcycle procession for a good purpose

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) a motorcycle fund-raising event, was successfully organised for the 3rd consecutive year in Santorini on Sunday, September 30, 2018, with the participation of 46 motorcycles. Classic motorcycles with their riders were “present” at the annual global meeting to raise awareness of prostate cancer issues and promote male health in general. The […]

Santorini honors the great archaeologist Spyros Marinatos

The bust of Spyros Marinatos, the remarkable archaeologist who, in 1967, brought to light the great prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, finally adorns the archaeological site of Akrotiri. The unveiling of the bust was made in an emotional atmosphere on Sunday, September 30, by the Mayor of Thera, Nikos Zorzos in the presence of many residents […]

Photography exhibition “1/2 one” – An innovative approach of the stone-lighthouses in Greece

Kostas Ntanis, photographer and director announces his solo photography exhibition “½ one” in “Oia Vineyart” from September 21 to October 21, 2018. For his current exhibition, Ntanis presents forty photographs from his two-year project “½ one”, of twenty-three stone-built lighthouses around Greece. Night shots of these lighthouses have not been presented to the public before. This new vision […]