Covid19 – Greece: When will tourists be able to fly to Greece?

The Prime Minister of Greece, Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis, spoke today live on national TV announcing how Greece is going to continue with the tackling of the pandemic. So far, Greece has responded very well to the pandemic, counting less than 10 new cases per day this week. These good results have given Greece as a […]

Covid19 – Greece: Can I go on holidays to Santorini this year?

When will people be allowed to travel again? Will it be safe to travel when the borders and flights reopen? What will vacations look like this summer? Why would you travel to Santorini in 2020? There have been a lot of questions and insecurity around travel plans since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thousands […]

Vinsanto – The naturally sweet wine of Santorini

Vinsanto is Santorini’s famous, naturally sweet, sun-dried dessert wine. Even though it is red in color, it is produced from overripe white grapes. The grapes are spread and left to dry for several (6-8) days under the hot sun of Santorini. This process gives a concentrated, sweet, golden wine with an explosive aroma of raisins, […]