Thalassitis Submerged 2016 and the underwater Cellar of Gaia Wines

Since 2009, every year Gaia Wines submerges around 500 bottles of the current vintage of “Thalassitis” just off the east coast of Santorini. Down there, under ideal conditions of stable temperature, they let them age, away from the light and unaffected by oxygen. Today, at 20m depth, an underwater cellar is formed, which at any […]

CAA Greece: International and domestic flights during the new lock-down

If you have planned a trip to Greece during November, the new lock-down is making travel a more complicated than we have hoped for. Here are some details on what flights are allowed, domestic and international, as well as what papers and tests need to be completed before the flight. The Civil Aviation Authority has […]

To Magnum or not to Magnum?

Our cellar is, usually, full of our favorite wines but let’s admit it; Magnum wine bottles are what we are looking for on our exceptional occasions. Magnums look impressive as the centerpiece of our dinner table and reveal the feeling of generosity and conviviality at special birthday gatherings or festive period celebrations! Scientists also confirm […]

Spoil yourself with a glass of Hatzidakis (Santorini) Wine!

Hatzidakis winery was founded in 1997 by Haridimos Hatzidakis and Constantina Chryssou. The story started in 1996 when Constantina showed to Haridimos the vineyard of her family at the village of Pyrgos Kallistis that remained uncultivated by that time. Haridimos was the first who took the decision to re-cultivate the vineyard and the rest is history. The vineyard was cultivated with […]

Cheers with a glass of red Santorini wine!

Having been picked out among the most famous wines of the world, Santorini is proud to hold numerous awards for its wines. Assyrtiko, Vinsanto, and Aidani have gained the love of wine lovers worldwide. Did you know, though, that also Mavrotragano, Voudomato, and Mandilaria are among the red varieties that will stay with you even when you leave Santorini and taste other […]

My Santorini “Single Vineyard” Wines

You may have noticed the reference ‘Single Vineyard’ on the label of that fantastic Santorini wine you were enjoying with the best company but…did you know what this was about? The term “Single Vineyard” comes along with the name of the Vineyard where the grapes came from and refers to wines that were made from […]

Meet the Red Ambassador!

Santorini cherry tomato (or tomataki for the locals which in Greek means small tomato) is a unique variety of cherry tomatoes, possibly the most famous local product of Santorini that has won the title of Red Ambassador of Santorini’s famous gastronomy! Santorini tomataki has hard skin and a really rich and juicy body with unique […]

10 things to do in Santorini while social distancing

Santorini clear skies almost all year long

My Santorini. Our Santorini. The Greek island that has been so loved by travellers all over the world is a very different island this summer. For us, and for those who first visited Santorini decades ago, this year is magical. Sure, there are problems and worries and uncertainty. But there is also time and space […]

How the Greeks (used to) do it: We are half way till Christmas!

As the months are passing without us realizing during this pandemic, we are already in the midst of summertime! All we can think about though today is the Christmas holidays! In Greece, officially, Christmas celebrations last for 14 days. But it is the unofficial little daily traditions that matter in the winter! When people in […]