Taste History and Create Memories at Mikra Thira Winery

Mikra Thira Winery in Thirasia is now open for visitors. With construction complete, the Mikra Thira team, led by Ioanna Vamvakouri, is ready to give wine enthusiasts an unforgettable wine tourism experience.

Their knowledgeable staff will guide you through a 90-minute tour that takes you to the vineyard and showcases the winery’s beautiful production, bottling, and aging areas. The tour culminates in a tasting of their three exceptional wine labels – Santorini, Terrasea, and Nykteri – accompanied by a selection of exquisite cheeses. To reserve your seat, click here.

Mikra Thira is also proud to announce that at the Decanter Awards 2023, their Santorini took home the platinum medal for the second year in a row, while Nykteri and Terassea were honored with gold medals.

Please note that Mikra Thira wines are available in limited quantities. You can find them available for purchase online here.

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