Hope-ing Around: in Fira, visiting the new “hidden” bar Stoa

When you start your night in Fira, there is a new place a bit hidden from the crowd that you definitely must “explore”, named Stoa. It is located under the main square of Fira town and it is open from early morning until.. early morning!

As soon as you enter, you will be amazed by how big it is, in a traditional dome style with very pretty interior decoration. It is separated in two parts. One part is used for serving coffee starting morning hours. Greek coffee is traditionally made and served with a delicacy, making you feel local.

The same part is the wine tasting area for later in the day, there is a sommelier who will perfectly combine a red, white or rose glass of wine with a cheese or meat platter. He will give you details about the history of wines from Santorini and from other parts of Greece, all known for their grape varieties. Stoa is also working as a delicatessen shop, where you can buy any of the cheese or cold meats you liked during wine tasting! Their menu has other options as well, like bruschettas, fresh salads, homemade pies and desserts.

The second part is the bar area, that accepts guests all night long under a dj set, while you are enjoying drinks, amazing cocktails and mocktails for those who do not prefer alcohol.

While seeing the list of cocktails, I did not know what to choose for me and my friend Eleni. The barman suggested that we try some of the best, starting with the Pink Panther (as my favourite colour is pink) with tequila blanco, hot and spicy syrup and fresh lime juice, light with a female “aroma”. Mr. Barbosa cocktail followed, the famous pirate, which, as a pirate, should have as a base rum anejo and was mixed with Disaronno and passion fruits puree, making it “ready for the sea fight”. From the cocktail list popular cocktails like Aperol Spritz or the classic Caipirinha couldn’t be missing, all with an extra tip from the bartender to make them unique.

Stoa will be a perfect spot during the whole day, where you could stop for a coffee, a glass of wine with some cheese, a salad for light lunch, or a refreshing cocktail under the sound of music during night!

It is their first season of operation, so when you walk around Fira, definitely make a stop there!