1000 Chinese in Santorini on March 28th

A thousand Chinese passengers are on Costa Atlantica cruise ship, that carries out a global cruise and is going to visit Santorini on March 28th, 2015. The cruise departed from Shanghai, is going to last 86 days and will visit 28 ports in 18 countries.

All these destinations will benefit from the projection they will have in the media, by the communication sponsors, including the website Sohu, the entertainment TV network LE TV and the tourist magazine Lvyou Tiandi / Travelling Scope, based in Shanghai. LE TV and Lvyiou Tiandi, in cooperation with the Greek Press and Communication office in Shanghai are expected to cover extensively all the Greek destinations during and after the cruise.

According to the calendar of cruise ship arrivals, published by our website, the cruise ship Costa Atlantica will arrive to Santorini at 07:00 on the 28th of March, coming from Heraclion (Crete island) and will depart from Piraeus (Athens port) at 18:00 on the same day.