Ryanair: Two daily flights next winter from Athens to Santorini

Ryanair announced the winter flight schedule for 2015-2016, with more itineraries, flights and better flight times.
According to their press release, the customers of Ryanair will be able to choose between more than 1600 itineraries that compose Ryanair’s European network. At the same time, they can take advantage of numbered seats, 2nd free hand luggage, fewer charged, new website, new mobile application with mobile boarding pass as well as the Family Extra and Business Plus services.
The winter flight schedule of Ryanair will include 2 daily flights for Athens-Santorini-Athens, available already for booking in Ryanair’s website.
The times of these flights are as follows:
Athens to Santorini
FR1232 dep 07:00 arr 07:50
FR1236 dep 22:35 arr 23:25
Santorini to Athens
FR1233 dep 08:20 arr 09:10
FR1237 dep 23:55 arr 00:45