Alcyone 2022, the new label by Vassaltis Winery

Introducing Alcyone 2022, the latest addition to Vassaltis Winery’s collection crafted by Yiannis Valambous. This elegant PDO Santorini wine is a blend of Assyrtiko grapes, carefully balanced to marry the characteristic minerality with the richness from barrel aging.

Handpicked from select vineyards in Pyrgos, Megalochori, and Vourvoulos, Alcyone undergoes fermentation in oak tanks and barrels, followed by four months of lees aging. After bottling, it matures for an additional seven months in the winery’s cellars before hitting the market.

With a charming golden color and hints of green, Alcyone delights the senses with aromas of orange, lemon, fig, and subtle hints of vanilla and toast. On the palate, expect a vibrant interplay of citrus, mushrooms, and primary fruits, balanced by a refreshing acidity and minerality, culminating in a long, satisfying finish.

Pair Alcyone with grilled fish, white meats in creamy sauces, or hard cheeses, and serve it ideally at 10-11°C.

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