Santorini Welcomes the Olympic Flame on Its Journey to Paris 2024

With great pride and emotion, the enchanting island of Santorini embraced a momentous occasion on Friday, April 19, as it became a pivotal stop for the Olympic Flame en route to the 33rd Summer Olympic Games in Paris.

Photo credit: Guillermo Kunst

In a ceremony marked by reverence and unity, the Olympic Flame was ignited at the altar in front of the Orthodox Cathedral Metropolis in Fira, marking the commencement of its journey through the picturesque streets of Santorini. Hundreds of locals, including students and dignitaries, lined the cobblestone roads to witness this historic event, symbolizing Santorini’s integral role in the global celebration of sport and camaraderie.

The welcoming ceremony was accompanied by the stirring melodies of the Olympic Anthem performed by soprano Ioanna Karamolegkou and bass player Alexandros Loutas, accompanied by pianist Giorgos Roussos. The Philharmonic of the Municipality of Thira further enriched the atmosphere with renditions of the national anthems of France and Greece, underscoring the spirit of cooperation and friendship between nations.

Among the dignitaries present were Mayor Nikolaos Anastasios Zorzos, representatives from the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games “Paris 2024,” and the Hellenic Olympic Committee, who expressed gratitude for Santorini’s contribution to the Olympic movement.

As the ceremony concluded, Santorini bid farewell to the Olympic Flame, wishing it a safe and prosperous journey to the summer Olympic Games in Paris, where it will illuminate the spirit of athleticism and unity on the world stage.

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