“An upside-down world” in Oia Vineyart

From October 3rd until October 17th, Oia Vineyart, in Oia, will host its latest exhibition for this year’s art fair.

Entitled An upside-down World, the collage artist Zoi Kontou presents a series of collages where she attempts to capture you in her surrealistic world. An enigmatic landscape, a landscape of compositions, a landscape that disrupts logic as this art is obliged to act so.  

Zoi Kontou reflects our daily life and emotional horizons through heterogeneous elements, thus rendering the rearrangements of our society at a human level. Introducing this series of collages, Zoi Kontou, with a caustic and shrewd disposition, resists a static society that promotes boredom and habituality as a mode of existence.

Historically, the Dadaists deployed collage to subvert traditional artistic values. From Picasso and Braque in the early 20th century to the catalytic innovations of Ernst, collage has been used as a tool of political art and retains its power, to this day, to reimagine societal mores through the reorganisation of our image repertoire.

Zoi Kontou says:“I have always been fascinated by the aesthetics of old decades, of all artistic means, especially black and white photography. The inspiration for the creation of my work is based on scenes, colors, representations of everyday life as well as images of the digital world. Feeling freedom in combining motifs, photos, engravings I try to blend the old with the modern to create surrealistic landscapes of a fantasy world. In 2018 I discovered a new expression area through social media, specifically Instagram, where I create collages by combining moving images (GIFS)”.


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