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My Santorini “Single Vineyard” Wines

You may have noticed the reference ‘Single Vineyard’ on the label of that fantastic Santorini wine you were enjoying with the best company but…did you know what this was about? The term “Single Vineyard” comes along with the name of the Vineyard where the grapes came from and refers to wines that were made from […]

Santorini Experience: Gold award at the 2020 Tourism Awards

Santorini Experience, the event which praises the volcanic island of Cyclades for its sports, culture, unique architecture and history, conquered for the first time a top position at the 2020 Tourism Awards. Specifically, the successful sports tourism event won the Gold Award in the category of Sea Tourism for implementing its innovative initiatives. In the […]

Covid-19, Greece: Cancelled Travel Plans – what you should expect

Read also: Covid19 – Greece: Can I go on vacation to Santorini this year? The Government Gazette* published the new regulations regarding cancellations in the tourism industry due to COVID-19. This regulation, allows hotels, travel agencies, airlines and ferry companies to offer a voucher for 18 months, instead of a cash refund on their deposit, […]

Impressive harvest of medals by the Santorini Wines in the 20th Thessaloniki International Wine and Spirits Competition 

Wine bottles you order are delivered at your holiday villa or hotel

The Santorini wines that participated in the 20th Thessaloniki International Wine and Spirits Competition were acknowledged and multi-awarded, once more. Santorini wines received, in total, 32 medals: 12 Gold (5 of them for Vinsanto), 17 Silver and 3 Bronze, while some were awarded Special Awards. Let’s take a look at the results per winery: Venetsanos […]

New unique finds from the prehistoric city of Akrotiri

Significant new finds were revealed during the ongoing excavation at Akrotiri Thira, under the auspices of the Archaeological Society and the direction of Professor Christos Doumas. The excavation is carried out subject to the supervision of the Cyclades Ephorate of Antiquities and sponsored by the Kaspersky Lab. In 1999, the famous golden ibex exhibited at […]

SantoWines is reviving and rewriting history with IRINI

A unique wine by SantoWines is here! IRINI 2016 is a dry white wine, PDO Santorini, partly barrel-fermented and aged for 18 months in Vinsanto barrels. It is the only PDO Santorini wine that is aged in barrels that for the last 10 years were used to age Vinsanto wine.  IRINI, which means Peace in Greek, […]

Exhibition “Pompeii and Santorini: Eternity in One Day” in Rome

An exhibition called “Pompeii and Santorini: Eternity in a Day (L’eternità in un giorno)” opened, at the beggining of October, at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome, Italy. The exhibition connects two major residential complexes destroyed by volcanic eruptions, featuring murals, pottery, jewelry, and other works of art created by younger and contemporary creators, inspired […]

19 foreign Masters of Wine become acquainted with the taste of the Santorini wines

19 members of the Masters of Wine Institute visited Santorini, from Thursday, October 3 to Saturday, October 10, as part of their seven-day trip to Greece following an invitation from Enterprise Greece. The distinguished guests from different countries of the world travelled to Santorini after visiting Athens and Crete. The purpose of their visit was […]

A student from Santorini wins an international painting competition

The traditional Klidonas Festival in Santorini inspired Anna Antoniadis, a 10-year-old student who participated at the end of last year in the 20th Biennial World Children’s Art Exhibition, held every two years in Japan.    In a note accompanying her painting entitled “Traditional Festival of Santorini”, Anna, a  sixth grade student this year at Kamari […]

“An upside-down world” in Oia Vineyart

From October 3rd until October 17th, Oia Vineyart, in Oia, will host its latest exhibition for this year’s art fair. Entitled An upside-down World, the collage artist Zoi Kontou presents a series of collages where she attempts to capture you in her surrealistic world. An enigmatic landscape, a landscape of compositions, a landscape that disrupts logic […]