SantoWines is reviving and rewriting history with IRINI

A unique wine by SantoWines is here! IRINI 2016 is a dry white wine, PDO Santorini, partly barrel-fermented and aged for 18 months in Vinsanto barrels. It is the only PDO Santorini wine that is aged in barrels that for the last 10 years were used to age Vinsanto wine. 

IRINI, which means Peace in Greek, was the first label for a bottled PDO Santorini wine of SantoWines in the early 1980s. Today, Santo revives this name for the most exceptional wine that was ever produced in Santorini island.

It is so interesting to check it’s characteristics below!

The vineyard
Handpicked Assyrtiko from the vineyard located in Fira, the busy capital of Santorini that despite its cosmopolitan vibe and its modern character, dedicated farmers still preserve vineyards cultivated in the traditional way. The name of the vineyards is Aspra Chomata (White land), a name given to describe the soil that is dry and has a dominant grey-white color due to the pumice and the volcanic ash. Vine age is over 80-90 years old with many vines over 130 years old. It is east facing site hence avoids the strong afternoon sun. Alcohol levels are usually lower than Pyrgos and Imerovigli vineyards 

The vinification process
Skin contact for 8 hours. The free-run juice starts to ferment with the use of organic yeast, in stainless steel tanks. Before the middle of the fermentation is transferred into oak barrels that for the last 10 years were used for Vinsanto aging.

Frequent battonage and aging for 18 months before bottling.

Vinsanto barrels – the attributes
A 10-year-old barrel has little to give to the wine in terms of aromas and taste deriving from the wood. However, an old barrel that was used to age Vinsanto adds to the development of the wine’s character and enhances its aromatic bouquet, its taste, and its texture. The oak barrels absorb Vinsanto wine during the long aging that release during Irini fermentation and aging. This small amount of Vinsanto interacts with Irini then adding herbal and dried fruit notes. The silky sweet almost viscosity ( thickness) is partially another Vinsanto barrel attribute. Irini has no oaky character and despite of its age it looks and feels younger. It is a unique wine that stands out for its complex, multi-dimensional character.

It reveals a deep lemon color with golden hues. On the nose, it feels very youthful with aromas of ripe yellow lemon, dried honey, chamomile, sage and coriander with suggestions of white and black pepper, toffee and vanillin.

On the palate Irini is full-bodied and ripe with amazing viscosity that caresses the palate. The oily, silky texture is balanced by the well-integrated acidity that adds freshness and structure. Flavors of lime, yellow lemon, lemon tart, dried orange peel and dried yellow flower open to reveal layers of dried apricot, spice, and butter with just a hint of creamy oak. Although fully concentrated and arguably big wine it feels balanced and harmonious.

Food and wine
It compliments rich salads and yellow cheeses but will be unbeatable with barbecued rich fish like sea bream and white meats.

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