Impressive harvest of medals by the Santorini Wines in the 20th Thessaloniki International Wine and Spirits Competition 

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The Santorini wines that participated in the 20th Thessaloniki International Wine and Spirits Competition were acknowledged and multi-awarded, once more.

Santorini wines received, in total, 32 medals: 12 Gold (5 of them for Vinsanto), 17 Silver and 3 Bronze, while some were awarded Special Awards.

Let’s take a look at the results per winery:

Venetsanos Winery

Gold Medals (2): Santorini 2018, Nychteri 2018

Santorini 2018 also received two, very special distinctions: It was awarded as the Best White Wine of the competition, but also as the Best Wine of the competition.

Association Cooperatives of Theraic Products – SantoWines

Gold Medals (4): Vinsanto 8 years old 2008/2010, Nychteri 2018, Vinsanto 2013 and Santorini Assyrtiko Grande Reserve 2017.

Silver Medals (4): Santo Sparkling Brut Methode Traditionelle 2016, Santorini Assyrtiko 2018, Santorini Nychteri Reserved 2018 and Santorini Assyrtiko 2019

Bronze Medals (1): Mavrotragano Organic 2017

The 8-year-old Vinsanto, Vintage 2008/2010 also received the award for Best Dessert Wine, while Santo Sparkling Brut Methode Traditionelle 2016 stood out as the best sparkling / semi-sparkling wine.

Estate Argyros

Gold Medals (3): Santorini Cuvée Monsignori 2018, Vinsanto 20 years old Vintage 1996 and Vinsanto 12 years old Vintage 2004

Silver Medals (6): Santorini Cuvée Evdemon 2016, Santorini Cuvée Monsignori 2017, Santorini Assyrtiko 2018, Vinsanto 4 years old Vintage 2012, Aidani 2019 and Santorini Assyrtiko 2019

Gavalas Winery 

Gold Medals (2): Vinsanto 2012 and Santorini 2019

Silver Medals (2): Aidani 2019 and Santorini 2018

Canava Chryssou – Tselepos

Gold Medals (1): Canava Chryssou Santorini Palea Klimata 2018

Silver Medals (2): Canava Chryssou Nychteri 2018 and Canava Chryssou Santorini Laoudia 2018

Domaine Sigalas 

Silver Medals (1): Vinsanto 2013

Bronze Medals (2): Μm 2018 and Santorini 2019

Volcanic Slopes Vineyards

Silver Medal (1): Pure 2017

Boutari Winery

Silver Medal (1): Santorini 2019

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