Did someone say… free wine shipping?

Grape varieties and wine of Santorini

Quarantine has its perks… They say that as we go deeper into quarantine, the importance of wine increases dramatically. Plus, no one knows what time, or day it is anyway, it’s surely 5 o’clock somewhere. Here are some great wine offers that are currently running and you might not want to miss!

Are you in Europe? Order your favorite Santorini Wines, with a minimum of 12 bottles by the end of April 2020 and get them with Free Shipping! The offer applies to all wine bottle combinations, so feel free to mix and match!

Are you in the US? There are some shipping restrictions for alcohol there, but we are happy to share insights on whether or how we can ship wine to you depending on your location. Free shipping for the USA applies for 24 bottles.

Are you worried you might not drink them fast enough? Fear not. Most Santorini wine can be well aged! To help you feel safer, in the description of each wine there is an ageing potential indication.

Make your selection here.

BONUS: Would you be interested in a free, private, live, virtual wine tasting experience along with your new wines? Get in touch with us at e-shop@santorini.net for more information!

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