Covid-19, Santorini: Empty April (in pictures)


The coronavirus pandemic has, undoubtedly, affected the whole world. We have seen pictures of huge world capitals going empty, streets with no cars and underground stations with no people. In Santorini, where the summer season officially starts in the beginning of April, the locals can’t grasp how empty the island still is. The past years, April would mean that there would already be traffic in Fira town and sunset viewers in Oia village, every building would be freshly painted and the airport and port would be full of visitors. This year has been a very different experience, as many constructions have been paused, the main squares are empty, there is infinite parking space and stores and restaurants are closed.

We have gathered some pictures of what Santorini looks like, most hours in the day, during the Coronavirus Pandemic:

We thank Flora Anaplioti and Joseph Janikashvili for providing some of the pictures!

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