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What changes on 14 May for now partly-quarantined Greece

The new measures of relaxation of the lockdown that will enter into force from Friday 14/5 were announced during today’s briefing by the Ministry of Health, the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister, responsible for coordinating the government work, Akis Skertsos. Specifically, from May 14, with the opening of tourism, the following will apply: SMS to […]

Museums and more to open for Tourism in Greece

Tourism is officially opening, and so do museums and open air cinemas “We are taking additional steps to regain freedom”, said the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias during today’s briefing by the Ministry of Health on the course of the coronavirus pandemic. Museums and Archaeological Places to open in a […]

Direct flights from Washington to Athens with American Airlines

United Airlines airplane flying

3 new International flights for United Airlines – including Athens, Greece The American airline United Airlines adds three new destinations to its network of international flights this summer. From July 1, the company will operate services from Washington Dulles Airport to Athens, from Newark Liberty to Dubrovnik, Croatia, and from Chicago O’Hare to Reykjavik, Iceland. […]

CAA Greece: International and domestic flights during the new lock-down

If you have planned a trip to Greece during November, the new lock-down is making travel a more complicated than we have hoped for. Here are some details on what flights are allowed, domestic and international, as well as what papers and tests need to be completed before the flight. The Civil Aviation Authority has […]

10 things to do in Santorini while social distancing

Santorini clear skies almost all year long

My Santorini. Our Santorini. The Greek island that has been so loved by travellers all over the world is a very different island this summer. For us, and for those who first visited Santorini decades ago, this year is magical. Sure, there are problems and worries and uncertainty. But there is also time and space […]

How the Greeks (used to) do it: We are half way till Christmas!

As the months are passing without us realizing during this pandemic, we are already in the midst of summertime! All we can think about though today is the Christmas holidays! In Greece, officially, Christmas celebrations last for 14 days. But it is the unofficial little daily traditions that matter in the winter! When people in […]

Prime Minister of Greece announces the reopening of Greek Tourism from Santorini

The Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, held a press conference yesterday (13 June 2020) officially announcing the reopening of Greek tourism from the island of Santorini. Mr. K. Mitsotakis talked about the methods the government followed to battle the coronavirus pandemic, his hopes for the present, the summer of 2020, and also the […]

Covid19 – Santorini: How will hotels operate during a pandemic?

With Greek tourism market opening its doors on the 15th of June, the tourist sector has started preparations to finally open for the summer season 2020. With a full list of new directions for health and safety protocols announced, there are still a lot of questions regarding the way businesses will operate safely. Of all […]

What makes Greek Summer so precious? (video)

Greek summer campaign photo

Greece is already in the bucket-list of most travelers. Every country offers something different. A different culture, different food, different things to do or see. Every country also advertises itself, to stand out and attract more visitors. The Greek Ministry of Tourism has been launching campaigns to communicate all the unique and diverse aspects of […]