Truths on Giving Gifts

‘Tis the season to be truthful! If you are indecisive like we are, choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones is always a difficult task. Every year the season before Christmas is the ultimate challenge for you.

Should you send a good Greek wine, or that rare hand-painted wall-painting reproduction? Both are considered to be real works of art. Perhaps a book would be better, if we don’t read books now when will we? Sure, but a more personal gift will definitely make a better impression. Maybe a miniature house that reminds them of a trip to Santorini?

Okay, you have probably decided. It does seem to be a bit late now, will it arrive in time? What if they already own something similar?

Not to worry! There is the right gift for every occasion. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year, a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other occasion, this gift will be delivered just when you want it.

It is the Gift Card of the Santorini eShop. You choose its value and send it to the recipient’s email along with your personal message with wishes. Perhaps you can add your choice for them in the message as suggestion. The recipients will be able to redeem it for one year. They can freely choose among all the products of the Santorini eShop and they will definitely find something they really want. Do they want to spend some amount on the gift card now and some later? All they have to do is email us. Easy and simple, without fail!

Because gifts should only bring joy…!

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