To Magnum or not to Magnum?

Our cellar is, usually, full of our favorite wines but let’s admit it; Magnum wine bottles are what we are looking for on our exceptional occasions.

Magnums look impressive as the centerpiece of our dinner table and reveal the feeling of generosity and conviviality at special birthday gatherings or festive period celebrations!

Scientists also confirm that as there is much more wine in a magnum bottle and the amount of oxygen that gets trapped between the wine and the cork is approximately the same, oxidation is less likely to happen. Therefore, the best balance in wine flavor between freshness, acidity, and fruit aromas is well preserved in Magnums.

Last but not least, we choose Magnums because…double quantity is always double fun! Cheers!

Would you challenge yourself to buy a few Santorini magnums this year? Check out our Magnum collection below:

Santorini Magnums

Mix and match + Free shipping

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Tip for our friends from the US
Due to existing US laws and regulations, the shipping of wine to the United States is generally not allowed. If, however, you have traveled to Santorini recently, we might be able to deliver it to you as we are allowed to ship wine to the US under certain conditions (i.e. specific states & quantity). Please email us at for more information.

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