Spoil yourself with a glass of Hatzidakis (Santorini) Wine!

Hatzidakis winery was founded in 1997 by Haridimos Hatzidakis and Constantina Chryssou.

The story started in 1996 when Constantina showed to Haridimos the vineyard of her family at the village of Pyrgos Kallistis that remained uncultivated by that time. Haridimos was the first who took the decision to re-cultivate the vineyard and the rest is history. The vineyard was cultivated with Aidani which is an organic grape variety.

When Constantina and Haridimos visited the vineyard, Haridimos spotted a cave at the end of it. “Over here, we can create a “Kanavaki”, he said. “Kanaves” is the local name for wineries. Thus, a small underground Winery started to shape which was built with patience, persistence, enthusiasm, passion, with “meraki” as we say in Greek, and hard work. And the dream came true!

In 1998, the first bottles of wine, vintage of 1997, were released from the new Winery. Santorini wine, vintage 1997, from the white grape variety Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano wine, vintage 1997, from the Mavrotragano grape variety of Santorini were the first two wines to be produced.

Haridimos, was a great supporter of organic viticulture and produced some of the most fascinating Santorini wines: Assyrtiko de Mylos, Assyrtiko de Louros, and Cuvée 15.

After his sudden death in 2017, his family and a devoted team of talented young wine professionals are continuing his vision to produce quality wines in limited quantities, always aiming at the island’s terroir expression.

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