Cheers with a glass of red Santorini wine!

Having been picked out among the most famous wines of the world, Santorini is proud to hold numerous awards for its wines. AssyrtikoVinsanto, and Aidani have gained the love of wine lovers worldwide.

Did you know, though, that also MavrotraganoVoudomato, and Mandilaria are among the red varieties that will stay with you even when you leave Santorini and taste other wines of the world?

Follow us and discover some premium, red, Santorini wines that deserve your attention and a place in your cellar!

Premium Santorini Red Wines 

Mix and match + Free shipping (until the 31st of October)

Select your favorite wines and get them at your door without paying any shipping cost. All wines included in our e-shop are eligible for free shipping. The minimum order requirement is 12 bottles for Greece and Europe and 24 bottles for the USA. For all other countries please contact us at

Tip for our friends from the US
Due to existing US laws and regulations, shipping of wine to the United States is generally not allowed. If, however, you have traveled to Santorini in the past, we might be able to deliver it to you as we are allowed to ship wine to the US under certain conditions (i.e. specific states & quantity). Please email us at for more information.

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