My Santorini “Single Vineyard” Wines

You may have noticed the reference ‘Single Vineyard’ on the label of that fantastic Santorini wine you were enjoying with the best company but…did you know what this was about?

The term “Single Vineyard” comes along with the name of the Vineyard where the grapes came from and refer to wines that were made from grapes grown in a specific, single vineyard, in the same geographical location, under the same climate (temperature and sunlight) and soil conditions, from vines of approximately the same age. This reference doesn’t mean a single varietal wine though, as the wine can be a blend, as long as the grapes were all cultivated in the same location.

Single vineyard wines are characterized as premium wines, they are easily recognizable, they come from superior quality grapes, are isolated from other vines, and are being cultivated with special attention to detail which ultimately results in a higher quality product.

Check our favorite selection of Santorini ”Single Vineyard” Wines:

Tip for our friends from the US:
Due to existing US laws and regulations, the shipping of wine to the United States is generally not allowed. If, however, you have traveled to Santorini in the past, we might be able to deliver it to you as we are allowed to ship wine to the US under certain conditions (i.e. specific states & quantity). Please email us at for more information.

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