Meet the Red Ambassador!

Santorini cherry tomato (or tomataki for the locals which in Greek means small tomato) is a unique variety of cherry tomatoes, possibly the most famous local product of Santorini that has won the title of Red Ambassador of Santorini’s famous gastronomy!

Santorini tomataki has hard skin and a really rich and juicy body with unique aromas and sweet taste since they grow up on the volcanic soils of the island.  It matures quickly and they are much tastier than normal tomatoes. The characteristic flavor of the specific tomato derives from the volcanic soil of Santorini that grows in.

Even though tomataki is very small in size, contains a high level of lycopene, which is widely known for its antioxidant qualities and also more Vitamin C than any other tomato variety.

The seed of tomataki was first brought on the island in 1818 and was sawn at the Capuchins Monastery. Later on in 1875, they started cultivating the tomatoes in Santorini in a much more organized way.

Its period of harvest lasts 2-3 weeks in June and the harvested quantities are very limited and shrink year per year. Therefore, locals channel it fresh in the local market (shops, hotels, and restaurants) but mainly prepare a traditional tomato paste and some more premium products (mainly delicious tomato jam, but also spread, juice, sun-dried, and more) to ensure its availability throughout the year.

Tomataki Premium Products:

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