What makes Greek Summer so precious? (video)

Greek summer campaign photo

Greece is already in the bucket-list of most travelers. Every country offers something different. A different culture, different food, different things to do or see. Every country also advertises itself, to stand out and attract more visitors. The Greek Ministry of Tourism has been launching campaigns to communicate all the unique and diverse aspects of Greece. The new campaign though is something different. It will stay with us.

In just 40 seconds, the team of Marketing Greece managed to express feelings instead of suggestions for things to do. This time, it is not pictures of Greek Tavernas and little boats “kaikia” going fishing, nor kids playing under the sun and adults cheering with a glass of Ouzo. “It’s more than that”. It is a single picture, of a golden sanded beach and a ton of shades of blue in the sea, that allows you to take time and grasp the feeling. It is simple words put together that speak to the souls of everyone that dreams of Greece. And it is the quintessential natural sound of Greek summer, the sound of crickets, in the background making your mind travel.

Greek summer is a state of mind

“Greek summer is a state of mind. It is being with the people you love, connecting with nature, feeling free”. This campaign managed to put together is the most honest description of Greek culture and the reason why millions of travellers choose a Greek destination for their summer holidays.

Until it is safe to travel again, enjoy your Greek Summer, wherever you are! #staysafe

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