Prime Minister of Greece announces the reopening of Greek Tourism from Santorini

The Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, held a press conference yesterday (13 June 2020) officially announcing the reopening of Greek tourism from the island of Santorini. Mr. K. Mitsotakis talked about the methods the government followed to battle the coronavirus pandemic, his hopes for the present, the summer of 2020, and also the future, the coming winter. Despite the very (very) impressive sunset behind him, he captivated the attention and was informative, positive, and careful not to make promises on matters that are beyond human control. He was confident that Greece is now in a position to battle a new outbreak of the virus and be ready to respond quickly and effectively, for the Greeks but also the tourists that might show symptoms of the new virus while they are in the country. It is truly a very interesting speech, worth to enjoy both to get informed, but also to watch the magnificent Santorini view and get inspired!


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