Art Space: Wines and Art, in Santorini

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The Art Space Winery was transformed and reopened in Exo Gonia of Santorini in 1999, by Antonis Argyros. The old winery of 1861, closed its doors in 1952, as the father of the current owner, Nikolaos A. Argyros, participated in the founding and became the Chairman of the first Board of Directors of the Association Cooperatives of Theraic Products, the largest winery on the island, today famous as SantoWines.

Transforming the old pre-industrial winery of 1861, which closed its doors in 1952, when its third owner Nikolaos A. Argyros, founded the Union of Cooperatives for Products of Thira and the biggest winery on the island, now known as SantoWines, in the year 1999, his son, Antonis N. Argyros, brings to life the Art Space Santorini Winery Museum and Art Gallery.

With great respect for the traditional shape of the place, the chambers of the old winery are finely restored and become a wonderful wine museum as a reminiscence of the history of wine and the traditional craftsmanship of its production. The adjacent underground cavern of the old barn is chosen as the new winery. The entrance to this cave is 12 meters below the surface of the earth into a dense layer of pumice, which is in itself a unique insulating material, thus constituting the perfect environment for the maturation and aging of the wine.

The Art Space Winery maintains its traditional character while at the same time it has the necessary modern, technological equipment for the production of exceptional quality wines. Organic farming is applied in all the new vineyards of the winery.

Art Space also attracts devoted art lovers as it functions as an Art Hall, hosting exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, and photographs mainly by contemporary Greek artists.

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