Ayia Ekaterina by Yiorgos Anomeritis, a fascinating book

Ayia Ekaterina by Yiorgos Anomeritis is an important and fascinating book detailing the historical church of Oia in Santorini, Greece. The church has been long believed to have been founded in 1804, but with new documents, artifacts, and data from Anomeritis’s investigations and research, it can be proven that the church was actually established much earlier – in the 1600s.

The book, published by Militos Editions in 2017, contains 211 pages spanning 25×24 cm and is written in Greek, English, and Russian. It is filled with countless elements of history that Anomeritis gathered during his dozens of visits to Santorini. This includes detailed information about all aspects of the Church of Agia Ekaterina – its structure, its artifacts, the documents inside it, and many other key details about its past.

What’s even more impressive is how Ayia Ekaterina has remained largely intact despite several earthquakes over the years; this was one of the main reasons why Anomeritis decided this church deserved a deeper investigation. He went on to uncover a number of remarkable discoveries such as a cruciform patriarchal lead seal dating back to the 15th-19th century as well as two extremely rare paintings of Saint Catherine which he attributed to two great Cycladic painters – Emmanuel Guilielmos Varvarigos and Christodoulos Kalergis (1722).

This book is an invaluable source for anyone interested in learning more about this historically significant church or any aspect related to the Greek history of Oia. Not only does it provide readers with plenty of invaluable information on Ayia Ekaterina, but also gives them access to some very rare artifacts that could easily be lost forever if not documented properly. In conclusion, Ayia Ekaterina by Yiorgos Anomeritis is an essential read for anyone interested in gaining a greater insight into the past as well as understanding more about some truly remarkable pieces of art and history from Santorini.

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