A Cycladic house from Oia is starring in Google Earth

Google has chosen a beautiful traditional house from Oia village to display a characteristic Cycladic house and it included it in its This Is Home choice in the Voyager section of Google Earth.

The new Google Earth was launched by Google last April. It is giving through the Voyager section the option for virtual travelling and guided tours in various interesting destinations of the planet. In the beginning, This Is Home, was presenting five traditional houses around the world. A few weeks ago it added another 22, among which was the traditional house in Oia.

How to see it:

The visitor can navigate in 3-D through the house, that was a bakery before its renovation. Through the description on the right, the visitor can learn more information on which elements where kept in the renovation. Information on the traditional architecture of Oia Village and the island of Santorini in general is also available.

The Cycladic house, along with another one in Greenland, are the only ones presented in Europe. You can find it here.