Keep Aegean Blue: Volunteers to clean up Perissa beach  

On Monday, April 1, another successful beach cleanup took place in Santorini with the enthusiastic participation of students and other volunteers in the frame of the environmental campaign “Keep Aegean Blue”, the biggest beach / sea floor cleaning mission and educational program in Greece, organized by the South Aegean Region and the “All for Blue” international, non profit organisation, founded by Katerina Topouzoglou.

The action started in the crowded room of the High School, where 400 students attended Katerina Topouzoglou’s seminar on the protection of marine ecosystem. The rapporteur informed the students about the impact of plastic consumption and alternative ways of replacing it in their daily lives (reusable grocery bags, stainless steel straw, multipurpose containers), as well as the shocking amount of waste in the sea.

After the seminar, the attendants cleaned the beach of Perissa where, within an hour, almost half a ton of trash was collected. In fact, the “harvest” from the underwater and beach cleanup was 483 kg of trash.

The “All for Blue” team will continue their journey with an inflatable boat to other Cyclades islands.

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