My Greek Breeze Snack Box: Add a bit of Greece to your life!

Snack Box Product Sample

Enjoy the most popular snacks of Greece for kids and adults! Every month, your Greek snack box ships worldwide from Santorini island, straight to your door!

We at desire to spread the love for Greek food all over the world! For more than six years now, we have been delivering premium products, tastes, and feelings of Santorini. Creating special bonds with Santorini friends worldwide has been our passion!

We invite you to add a bit of Greece to your life!

Once you place your order, we immediately start packing your box with the utmost care.

  • Get discounted rates when subscribing to our 3 or 6-month plans!
  • We offer free shipping for our subscription boxes WORLDWIDE!
  • Billed monthly, every 3 months or 6 months, depending on your subscription. Cancel anytime.

My Greek Breeze Subscription Boxes

As we are always open to new, exciting ideas, we are now thrilled to present to you our new project, ‘my Greek breeze’, our series of Subscription boxes that will bring a new breeze to your doorstep every month, something typically Greek, a ‘Snack’ or ‘Food’ Box with everyday goods from Greece! We are starting this journey with a monthly surprise box of the most popular snacks and candy of Greece, hand-selected from only Greek brands. Every month, we carefully craft and curate our subscription box to make sure that by receiving Your Greek Breeze subscription box, your love for Greece grows a bit every time you treat yourself to a snack! We want every bite to remind you of the holidays you spent in Greece, your heritage, or your Greek best friend. If you have only visited Greece for holiday, you might discover an amazing Greek snack world you didn’t even know exists, and if you have lived in Greece before, your heart will be full of emotions and memories every time you open the box! Our subscription boxes are based on a straightforward recipe: The combination of quality (but also tasty and fun) products and our team’s devotion to delivering the best, personal service with a generous portion of surprise on the top!

The ‘Snack’ Box

A hand-picked combination of famous & classic snacks that Greeks of all ages love treating themselves with, the most popular in every supermarket and ‘periptero’, the Greek kiosks that sell tobacco, newspapers, snacks, candy, and more.

What you get: 12-15 of the most beloved Greek snacks, delivered straight to your doorstep! Full-size chocolate, chips, healthy nuts, biscuits, wafers, but also these little jelly candies, chewing gums, and many more delicious snacks that will only bring joy to your day.

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