The new premium wine by Gaia Wines: Ammonite 2020

The new creation from Gaia Wines is here to re-introduce Assyrtiko’s gifts and to reveal its ability to age over time. AMMONITE, a wine with a unique origin but also with a unique ripening process, offers the famous white variety of Santorini, its ability to behave like red wine.

Created entirely from the harvest of the island’s rare century-old vineyard, it combines the know-how and the courage of GAIA WINES in a perfect way. Having rested for over 15 months within its organic mud, and with regular care from the winemakers’ experienced hands, and combined with a small amount of wine left for months in new French oak barrels, it offers an exciting profile: Large structure, impressive taste length, and complexity. It is an Assyrtiko that, with the correct storage and care, can continue to improve year by year.

Its name is inspired by the company’s emblem, the ammonite, a fossil of a marine organism, and the embossed artwork on the label. The Fibonacci mathematical sequence captures its geometric harmony.

Whenever you hold an “AMMONITE” bottle in your hands you have the rare opportunity to enjoy a white wine that stands exceptionally well next to countless dishes, from shellfish, and fish, to red meat and rich sauces.

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