Red Bull Art of Motion returns to Santorini on October 1st, 2016

The ultimate freerunning event, Red Bull Art of Motion, returns to Santorini on October 1st, 2016, for the 6th consecutive year. The Online Qualifier, through video submissions, opened on May 16th until July 6th. Start filming and editing your submission!

There are two ways you can take part in this year’s main competition: The first is through a video application via the Online Qualifier and as you scroll down you will find all you need to know about it. The second is through the Onsite Qualifier.

The Online Qualifier began on May 16th and will end on July 6th. The only thing you need to do is submit your best freerunning video link and details in the application form available here. The video needs to be at most, 90 seconds long, following the video guidelines seen below. Through the Online Qualifier, 7 freerunners from around the world (4 men and 3 women) will earn their spot in the Red Bull Art of Motion Main Competition on October 1st 2016 at Santorini.

Video guidelines
– Length: Video should be no longer than 90 seconds (if the video is longer, only the first 90 seconds will be taken under consideration)
– The focus should be on the runner
– Only one person (the runner) should be visible/performing
– The face of the participant has to be visible throughout the video (at least once in every scene)
– Video (all scenes) has to be filmed outdoors, not in a gym facility or any other “controlled” environment
– No crash pads allowed
– Show the landings / All landings must be visible

The criteria that the applicants of the Online Qualifier will be judged be on are:
Creativity: Use your body and your environment as creatively as you can!
Difficulty: Make the moves that stand out and make the judges jaws drop.
Flow: Combine your moves, try out cool lines and keep in motions instead of just showing off separate tricks.
Execution: Show the judges that you have absolute control of your moves! Make sure you show them your safe and clean landings, that’s mostly important for the judges!
Overall Performance: Show us what you’ve got, since this is your chance to earn your spot among the greatest freerunners in the world!

The Red Bull Art of Motion 2016 Judges:
Anan Anwar will judge Creativity, Sergio Cora will judge Flow, Kie Wilis will judge Execution, Gabriel Nunes will judge Difficulty, Marcus Gustaffson will judge Overall Performance and Patrick Morawetz will supervise their efforts as Head Judge.

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