Epta (Seven) 2022 by Domaine Sigalas, starring Pyrgos!

The concept behind Domaine Sigalas’ Epta (Seven) label is well-recognized. It embodies a captivating journey of uncovering Santorini’s sub-terroirs. Seven carefully chosen small Assyrtiko vineyards across seven villages of the island form the foundation of this project. Each year, each village’s grapes are harvested and processed separately. The one deemed the finest among the seven becomes the Epta label for that year’s harvest. For the 2022 harvest, Pyrgos takes the spotlight, boasting vineyards aged over 60 years.

During winemaking, grapes undergo meticulous hand sorting on vibrating tables. This is followed by a gentle yet prolonged pressing of the whole bunch, and then fermentation at controlled temperatures, with the wine remaining on the fine lees in tanks for 12 months. The result is a wine with unparalleled complexity and a distinctive character.

The taste profile of Epta 2022 showcases the full expressiveness of Santorini’s Assyrtiko. Pronounced aromas of peach and lemon greet the nose, while the palate enjoys a full-bodied experience that balances acidity with rich flavors, offering an elegant yet indulgent sensation. The lingering aftertaste is the perfect conclusion to an extraordinary culinary journey.

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