Support Greece – A matter of perception

“How are you? How are things there?” My friend from Lebanon (who now lives in the USA) asks with real interest through Skype regarding the updates of the situation in Greece. After a while in she asks “is there any bombing?” “Hmm.. No..” “Then you are fine.” she answers. The side of earth that has met real violence and war treats the Greek crises and the ATM qeues more stoically. Certainly this is not the case with the Western world, where the continuing reports about the possibility of a Grexit have sparked an unprecedented wave of solidarity with the suffering Greeks.

“If you want to help Greece, travel to it,” wrote the Guardian journalist Alexis Andreou in an article that was distributed extensively on social networks. “Everything you know about the country is there, the weather, the monuments, the beaches, the food. While prices are lower than before. A visit to Greece at the moment is something where everyone wins”, he wrote urging the British to choose Greece for their holidays. “All you need is to get a few more euros with you (and maybe a few pounds). This way you give liquidity injections in my country. We need the cash right now. Book your flights with Greek companies. If you want to help even more, do not make your reservations by credit card.”

The American Vogue urges its readers to support Greece through their purchases. “One way to support Greece, is to invest in the domestic industry, in the Greek fashion, in Greek food, Greek jewelry. Fortunately, in these areas, the choices are enough to spoil you”, Jessie Heyman writes, giving suggestions from ancient Greek style sandals and jewelry to soaps and Kalamata olives.