The 3rd Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Santorini

On Sunday, September 30, Santorini will host the 3rd Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, a one-day motorcycle charity event aiming at raising awareness about prostate cancer issues, men’s health, as well as money for this purpose.The event initially started in Australia in 2010, and has gradually become global, held simultaneously in about 600 cities and 90 countries around the world.

At the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Santorini, the participants are formally dressed and behind the wheel of their vintage or custom made motorcycle they ride together around the island. The Ride is free, however one can make a donation submitted on line via, either directly to the international organization or as a sponsorship to one of the riders. Businesses are also encouraged to become local sponsors.

In 2016, the first year of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Santorini, 30 motorcyclists from different parts of Greece and abroad took part, whereas 2,556 euros were raised. Last year, there were 70 participants, and a total of 5,300 euros was raised. This year the bar is set even higher. So if you have a vintage motorbike or motorcycle, do not miss the opportunity. Register for the ride here.

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